Staying Safe When Cycling & Bike Related Health Benefits

Newspapers, TV news, and social media are full of conflicting stories about the safety risks when cycling and the health benefits derived from cycling. One story tells you how a few miles pedalling a day will increase your life expectancy by years, whereas another claims that you are unlikely to pedal a few miles without being killed by a motorist. Which is correct - if either? For sure, cycling like all other things in life does carry risk, but unlike many other things it does provide health benefits.
Hopefully the pages listed below will provide a few pointers for you on how to keep safe whilst cycling, and how to gain the biggest health benefit whilst doing it.

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Cyclists and Level Crossings

cyclist at public level crossing

Discover the three types of level crossings you are likely to encounter in the Grampian region.
Our page offers general safety tips on level crossings, and specific advise for each of the three types.


M Check Your Bike

bike m-check

Your guide to the essential pre-ride safety check that is easy to remember and simple to carry out.
Also a walk through of the more thorough weekly maintenance check you should carry out.



Staying Warm on Your Bike

winter cycling

Winter in the north east of Scotland can be cold. But don't let that put you off getting out on your bike.
Here are our tips on how you can stay warm whilst enjoying cycling through the winter months.



Strava Privacy Zones

Strava privacy zones

What are Strava privacy zones, why you should have them and how to set them up.
Our guide takes you through setting them up on the web, and via the mobile app.




Ticks and Lyme Disease

ticks while cycling

Ticks are found in some grass areas, moors and woods in north east Scotland. We have prepared some pointers that will help you learn about the dangers of ticks when cycling off road, how to avoid picking up a tick, how to safely remove ticks, and how to recognise the symptoms of Lyme disease.



Safe Road Positioning

safe road positioning on a bike

Where is the safest place to cycle on the road?
Perhaps not where you first think!
Learn all about safe road positioning, including how far from the kerb to cycle, and what to do when the road changes in our guide.



Snakes and Adders

📷 Nick Dobbs

Along with heatwaves and holiday hold-ups, stories about the UK’s only venomous snake, the adder, are a staple of the summer headlines. But are they snake news or fake news? Are you at danger when out cycling?.



Cycle Helmets

  cycle helmet

To some a cycle helmet is probably the most important purchase after that of your bike. To others, its a waste of £30 or more. Here are a few arguments for and against the wearing of a Cycle Helmet.



The Health Benefits of Cycling

health benefits of cycling

There are loads of web sites claiming that cycling is good for you, and most of these web sites belong to cycling groups. Should we believe them? Here are a few things to consider about the Health Benefits of Cycling.