Cycling the Suie (north)

Suie by Stanley Howe
📷 Stanley Howe (cc-by-sa/2.0)

It is a four letter word that is guaranteed to cause even the strongest of cyclists to shudder, and that word is "Suie". If you follow the word Suie with "from the south", then there will be a relaxation of the shoulders and an exhalation of relief. However, if you say "from the north", then expect your fellow cyclist to tense themself and adopt a thousand yard stare. You might even notice an involuntary tick reveal their inner fear.

Starting within a mile of the historic village of Clatt, this Category 3 road climb is held in respect by members of all the Aberdeenshire cycling clubs. And rightly so, because the Suie road climb from the north, from the dark side, is one hell of a climb!.

Suie by Stanley Howe
📷 Stanley Howe (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Testament to its reputation, the Suie regularly features in sportives and in 2013 its north slope witnessed the winning move by Gary Hand to claim the Scottish National Road Race Championships.

The Suie - Vital Statistics

Overall Length: 1.154 miles

Ave Gradient: 8.4%

Total Ascent: 558ft

Max Gradient: 14.5% at 0.67 miles

Highest Point: 1293ft at finish


The Suie Route Description

You approach the climb from Clatt, on the flat. As you pass the junction with the Auchleven (or as the locals call it, Premnay) road, the gradient subtly starts to appear. By the time you have reached the stand of trees on your right the climb has started.
The first half mile kicks off with a 13.7% ramp, eases off to a leisurely 8% before welcoming you to the 90 degree right hander with a 12% gradient making this one corner that it is difficult to sprint out of.
The slog continues as the gradient hovers around 12% for the next half mile before easing back to 7% as you turn to the left and top out at the entrance to the summit car park.

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The Suie Cycle Climb Profile



Facilities near The Suie

  Free parking in Alford and Huntly.

Toilets in Alford and Huntly.

Cafes in Alford, and in Huntly.

Nearest shops, bars etc in Alford and Huntly.

Mobile phone signal good all over.

Nearest cycle repair shops are in Alford.

Getting to the Suie

The Suie is in the heart of Aberdeenshire and is relatively easy to get to.

From Huntly

From Huntly take the A97 towards Alford. Leave the A97 at Gartly to join the B9002. Follow this to Kennethmont where take a right signposted Clatt.

From Alford

From Alford take the A944 towards Huntly. After a mile, as you cross the River Don at Bridge of Alford take a right. Follow this to Tullynessle hall where turn left onto the Suie Road.

From Aberdeen

From Aberdeen take the A944 to pass Kingswells and Westhill. Continue to Alford, and follow directions from Alford.

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Gradient; 5.6%Ave  20.4%Max

Lecht by where-the-bike-takes-me
📷 by "Where The Bike Takes Me"

On the A939 the climb starts from Cockbridge. It may have a few undulations along the way, but that doesn't make it any easier!

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Queen's View

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Gradient; 2.7%Ave  7.2%Max

Queens View Tarland
📷 © Alan Reid (cc-by-sa/2.0)

On the B9119 the climb starts as you exit Tarland. A kick to start, a recovery flat then 2.5 miles of sustained climbing with stunning views back down the hill.

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