Off Road Cycling in North East Scotland

offroad cycling

Off Road cycling takes many forms:

To some it is biking on rough terrain exploring the forests and hills, this is what we at Cycle Grampian call Mountain Biking.
To others, off road cycling is about cycling on paths and routes that are not used by cars, and this is what we at Cycle Grampian call Family Riding.
Competitive Road Cyclists have dabbled in off road riding, usually in the winter, by competing in Cyclocross.
And recently a new term in off road riding has started to make an appearance - Gravel Riding, a halfway house between mountain biking and trail riding.

offroad cycling

No matter how you define Off Road cycling we believe that Grampian is an ideal place to do it. See below for our gateway into the wonderful world of Off Road cycling.

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Mountain Biking

mountain biking in Scotland

Some folk get that ear to ear smile from riding their mountain bikes cross country or down hill, others from freestyle riding in the woods, others from just being out there in the wilds. No matter how you get your smile, north east Scotland has routes to suit everyone.



Family Riding

family cycling in north east Scotland

It is not mountain biking, though you can use a mountain bike. It's not necessarily about being off road though you most likely will be. It's about avoiding traffic, avoiding danger and pollution. Its cycling on reclaimed railway lines, purpose built trails, estate and forestry tracks.



Mountain Bike Racing:
Down Hill, Cross Country & Enduro

competitive MTB event

Investigate the different types of racing, explore the forests and trails used for these events in the Grampian region, and find out how to get started in racing.
See our page on MTB Racing for more details of the local events, and how to how to enter.




cyclocross racing

Cyclocross has boomed in recent years, with the Grampian region hosting various events including the Scottish Championships at Knockburn Loch near Banchory.
See our page on Cyclocross for more details of the local events, and how to enter.



Cyclists' Access Rights

cyclists access rights in scotland

The Scottish Government's progressive legislation on public access to most land and water is great for mountain bikers and gravel riders. The access rights are ours to enjoy, as long as we do so responsibly. Find out where you can and can not go, and what acting responsibly means.



Ticks and Lyme Disease

ticks while cycling

Ticks are found in some grass areas, moors and woods in north east Scotland. We have prepared some pointers that will help you learn about the dangers of ticks when cycling off road, how to avoid picking up a tick, how to safely remove ticks, and how to recognise the symptoms of Lyme disease.



Mountain Biking at Night

mountain biking at night

Familiar trails in daylight become far more thrilling in the dark and there’s a real sense of adventure in heading into the woods or onto the hills after the sun has set.
Check out our tips on how to mountain bike in the dark...