Reporting Potholes and other Road Defects

reporting potholes in Aberdeen

Road defects such as potholes, protruding or sunken drain covers, broken street lights, leaking water mains and blocked drains can make cycling uncomfortable, or even worse dangerous. By hitting defects, or trying to avoid them, the cyclist can loose control and suffer the possibility of a serious accident.

reporting potholes Aberdeenshire

Surface defects do not need to be major to pose a hazard for the cyclist, even relatively small potholes or minor defects in road or cycle path surfaces can be a safety hazard for cyclists. In short, a good quality riding surface is essential for your comfort and safety.

You have the right to use the road network in safety, and the local council, Network Rail and Scottish Water has a statutory duty to keep its roads, lighting, level crossings and supply piping in good repair. Therefore you can report defects and have them repaired. Below are a list of contacts for the road and cycle path network in north east Scotland.

Alternatively, you could use the national Fill That Hole website which will direct your report to the appropriate authority and allows you to track repairs.


Aberdeen City Council

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Aberdeen City Council provide two online forms that you can fill in and submit - one to report Road Defects and Cycleway Defects, and one for Lighting Problems.
To check up on the progress of a previously reported fault, whether it has been attended to but still faulty, or is out with the normal 7 day response time for none-urgent faults then call 01224 241520.

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Aberdeenshire Council

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Aberdeenshire Council is responsible for more than 3,300 miles of road, and have an online reporting system for potholes and street lighting to help them maintain their roads.

The council categorise defects depending on their severity:
- Defects posing an immediate danger to the public are inspected and repairs carried out within 24 hours,
- All other defects are inspected and repaired by a date specified by the inspector.

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Moray Council

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Public Roads in Moray are subject to routine inspections, from monthly inspections on Class A roads to six-monthly on Class C and Unclassified roads. These inspections initiate a repair programme on an area basis.

However it is best to report defects when you encounter them rather than wait on them being found at the next inspection. Moray Council have an online form to allow you to report potholes, streetlight faults, and cycle way problems.

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Trunk Roads

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Trunk roads are the responsibility of the Scottish Executive and are managed by BEAR Scotland.

The trunk roads in Grampian are;
- The A90 Dundee to Fraserburgh,
- The A96 Aberdeen to Inverness.

Within Aberdeen the trunk roads are
- A92 (Stonehaven Road from City Boundary to Bridge of Dee)
- A92 (South and North Anderson Drive from Bridge of Dee to Haudagain roundabout)
- A92 (Mugiemoss Road from Haudagain roundabout to Persley Bridge, right over the Parkway to roundabout at old Exhibition Centre, and northwards to join A90)
- A96 (Auchmill Road from Haudagain roundabout east for 140 mtrs approx and west/north to A96 Inverurie Road)

You can report a defect using Traffic Scotland's freephone number 0800 028 1414, or via BEAR Scotland's online form.

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Level Crossings

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There are more than 25 Level Crossings in north east Scotland, and they can present a danger to cyclists especially if you cross at an acute angle (e.g. at Insch) or there is surface damage near the rails. See our page on Cyclists and Level Crossings to discover the various types of crossings, and how to safely negotiate them whilst out on your bike.

If there is any damage then report it to Network Rail, and to your local council as you would a normal road defect.

Network Rail have a 24/7 phone line for reporting issues, on 03457 114141, and an online form.

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Leaking Water Pipes

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Leaking water mains and water on the road can present a danger to cyclists especially in winter when it can freeze. Best to report this both direct to Scottish Water using their online form or by phone on 0800 0778778, and to your local council.

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