Cycling Safety and Bike Related Health Benefits

Newspapers, TV news, and social media are full of conflicting stories about the safety risks when cycling and the health benefits derived from cycling. One story tells you how a few miles pedalling a day will increase your life expectancy by years, whereas another claims that you are unlikely to pedal a few miles without being killed by a motorist. Which is correct - if either? For sure, cycling like all other things in life does carry risk, but unlike many other things it does provide health benefits.
Hopefully the pages listed below will provide a few pointers for you on how to keep safe whilst pedalling, and how to gain the biggest health benefit whilst doing it.

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The Health Benefits of Cycling

There are loads of web sites claiming that cycling is good for you, and most of these web sites belong to cycling groups. Should we believe them? Here are a few things to consider about the Health Benefits of Cycling.

Cycle Helmets

To some a cycle helmet is probably the most important purchase after that of your bike. To others, its a waste of £30 or more. Here are a few arguments for and against the use of Cycle Helmets.