Time Trial Courses in Aberdeenshire and Moray

time trialling

There is no doubt that knowing the course before you start a time trial is an advantage. From demistifying the obscure numbering system of time trial courses, to giving you a heads up on where the HQ can be found we have tried to give you that advantage by detailing some of the more popular courses used for time trialling in Aberdeenshire and Moray.

time trialling

If your favourite course isn't listed below then let us know and we will get it included. Contact details are on the link at the bottom of the page.

Course Basics

Generally, the shortest time trial course you will race over is 10 miles. However there are a few exceptions like hill climbs. For open events races are usually over a fixed distance e.g. 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles, or a fixed time e.g. 12 and 24 hours. There has not been any 12 or 24 hour events promoted in the Grampian area in recent years. In fact you may have to travel to England to compete in a 12 or 24 hour event.

Courses are measured to a fairly high degree of accuracy using calibrated measuring wheels with inbuilt rev counters. Not all courses are straight out and back, therefore course marshalls are used to help riders navigate their way round. Having said that, it is most definitely YOUR responsibility for knowing the route as there may not be marshalls, or the marshall may be distracted when you approach and if you take a wrong turn the clock will still be ticking!

As mentioned earlier, many courses are named by an archaic code system, e.g AB10/3. This code is a throwback to when cycle racing was illegal in the UK and conducted in secret. A code was used to identify a course. The first letter (or letters) identifies the region where the race starts, then there is a distance, then an identifier for the course. So the AB10/3 is the third 10 mile course in Aberdeenshire. And for those in the know - the third course starts in Garlogie.

Top Tip!

It is unlikely that you will ride to the event HQ, so you will be faced with preparing your bike in the car park. Nerves, other riders warming up close by, and anxiety about getting to the start line on time, plus a host of other things can distract you from assembling your bike correctly. Get into the habit of taking 30 seconds to perform an M check on your bike. This simple, easily remembered routine will ensure your bike is not going to let you down during the event.




AB10/3 - Echt Road

A very popular course with Aberdeen City based cycling clubs. The AB10/3 is a 10 mile out and back course starting and finishing in Garlogie, a few miles west of Aberdeen.



10 - Lochter Loop

A relatively new course popular with Inverurie based cycling clubTEN. This 10 mile circuit starts and finishes near to the Lochter Activity Centre, near Old Meldrum.



AB25/4 - Garlogie Torphins

Another popular course with Aberdeen City based cycling clubs. The AB25/4 is a 25 mile out and back course starting and finishing in Garlogie with a turn in Torphins.