AB10/3 Time Trial Course - Echt Road, Garlogie

A popular out and back 10 mile time trial course close to Westhill, some ten miles west of Aberdeen. The course is a favourite with the Aberdeen cycling club Deeside Thistle who use it both in their confined Evening League series, and in events that they promote e.g. the traditional season openning event "The Spring Bunny".
This course is not regarded as a fast course, however given a good day 21 minute tens are not unheard of.

AB10/3 Course Description

The official course description is:
Start on B9119 at east edge of gatepost 0.088 miles east of 9th milestone. Proceed west on B9119 Echt Road via Echt to a point just over 1.5 miles west of Echt. Turn in road at Sunhoney Farm sign (5.053 miles). Retrace via Echt and Garlogie to finish 0.073 miles west of 9th milestone and 0.101 miles west of start.

AB10/3 Time Trial Course

The course is not particuarly hilly, but it is not a flat course either - as the course profile below shows.

AB10/3 time trial course profile



AB10/3 HQ - Garlogie Hall

AB10/3 time trial HQ - Garlogie Hall

It is usual for Garlogie Hall to be used as the HQ when using this course. Allow a good 10 minutes to get to the start from the HQ.

AB10/3 time trial HQ - Garlogie Hall

Garlogie Hall is tucked away on a minor road that forks off the main B9125 at the phone box. It is on the right as you exit the village heading to Echt. For Sat Navs use AB32 6RX as the postcode.

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Facilities at Garlogie

local_parking Parking for about 30 vehicles is available at the hall. Limited overflow parking is available on the verge of the narrow road that passes the hall.

No showers available at HQ

build Nearest cycle repair shops are in Banchory.

Mobile reception at the hall is poor to non existant for most networks. A pay phone is available at the phone box on main road. Phone number of the hall care taker is 01224 743212.

Nearest cafes in Westhill. See our page listing Cafes near Garlogie.


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