Bike Fit & Cycle Fitting Services in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire & Moray

There are lots of reasons to have a profesional bike-fit carried out. The most common are:
Buying a new bike. Having a bike fitting first will mean a trained professional can take your ideal measurements and help you to choose a bike that’s most suited to your strength, flexibility, riding style and goals.
If you’re struggling with pain. A bike fit might be able to help you relieve this. If the pain is related to the way you’re positioned on a bike, they’ll adjust it to avoid this.
Changes to your body. If you have suffered a crash, injury, pregnancy, loss or gain in fitness, strength or flexibility then revisiting your bike position may be a good idea.
Starting a new training regime. If you are about to ramp up your training in preparation for an event then a cycle-fit will help you get the most from your training, and will give you time to get used to the new bike position.

Bike fit services vary dramatically in approach, tools used and price. The most expensive is not always the best, though a pricier fit might mean that the tools used are more sophisticated. You will see from our list below that many of the bike fitters in our part of Scotland offer a variety of fittings depending on your budget and goals.

bike fitting services<

No matter what type of bike-fit you are after, someone on the list below will be able to provide it. The bike fit services offered range from simple visual bike set ups, plumb bob setups, Specialized body geometry measurements, cleat positioning and cleat wedges, dynamic bikefits and motion capture analysis e.g. Retul and Dartfish, right through to laser positioning. Some even provide help with saddle selection by taking measurments and fitting suggested saddles to stationary bikes to let you try them out.


Aberdeen Sports Massage

Aberdeen Sports Massage cycle fitting service

Aberdeen Sports Massage offer three different packes for cycle fitting, all using the BikeFitSystem, depending on your budget and needs. From simple physical measurments through to laser-guides, video analysis software and cleat positioning.

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Bike Remedy

Bike Remedy road bike fitting service

The bike shop in Stonehaven, Bike Remedy, offer the PowerFit bike fit system. Developed by Giant and Wattbike in conjunction with leading sports scientists, PowerFit is based on biomechanic principles and promises increased power by modifying your position.

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Riverside Chiropractic Group

Riverside Chiropractic Group Retul bike fit

Aberdeen based Riverside Chiropractic Group offer a bike-fitting service using the Retul bike fitting system. The system incorporates precise three-dimensional motion capture technology, immediate reporting, and a millimetre-specific digitizing tool to provide an accurate dynamic fitting assesment.

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Spear Physio Bikefit service

From their Westhill clinic, Spear offer a PhysioBikefit service. PhysioBikefit is an assessment session, fitting your body to your bike, using a turbo trainer, During a PhysioBikefit session the Physio measures and assesses your body and the way it moves, in true cycling form, as well as making sure your bike is properly set up for you.

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Total Endurance

Total Endurance Dartfish bike fitters

Based in Dyce, to the north west of Aberdeen, Total Endurance provide a dynamic bikefit using the Dartfish system. Using a high speed camera to video you when you are riding, they then use software to measure your joint angles and positions and to track linear movements. From this they identify an optimum position for you on the bike.

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Velocita Coaching

Velocita Coaching Retul bike fitting

Aberdeen based Velocita Coaching provides a number of different services including the Specialized Body Geometry fit, the Retül Vantage 3D Motion Capture System bike fitting process, a detailed saddle selection service, and a shoe cleat to pedal alignment service.

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Personal Cycle Coaches & Coaching

cycle coaching north east Scotland

More and more people are realising the benefit of a structured approach to getting bike fit and training. Whether this be for racing, or achieving a particular goal like completing a sportive. Having the knowledge, guidance and motivation of a personal coach can be invaluable in providing this structured approach and helping you achieve your goal. There are coaches spread throughout Grampian that provide services for on and off road cycling. We have a list of the Grampian based Cycle Coaches that we know about, and the services they offer.



Local Bike Shops

local bike shop aberdeenshire

Local bike shops are the lifeblood of cycling in the UK - cycle spares when you need them, some one to chat over your thoughts on new components and bike upgrades, bike maintenance for the jobs you do not know how to do - or just can not be bothered. The local cycle shop might not always be the cheapest option, but they are local and that matters. Use them, or loose them!