Cycling and Cycle Related Links for Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray

Cycle Grampian is about helping you get the most out of your cycling. We aim to provide you with information, and directions on where to find out information on cycling in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray. Below are some links to websites, links to Facebook pages, and good old fashioned phone numbers that hopefully will point you in the right direction.

Our list is not exhaustive - if you know of any other sites that visitors to Cycle Grampian may be interested in then please let us know. Contact details are on the link at the bottom of the page.

Cycling Clubs & Cycle Groups

Joining a local cycling club is a brilliant way to get the most out of your cycling. No matter what type of cyclist you are, be it beginner or old timer, there is nothing better than riding with other cyclists to develop your skills and challenge yourself. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the various bike clubs, and cycle groups in the north east.


Triathlon Clubs

Many triathletes join a cycling club to help hone their cycling skills. However, they all need to belong to a Triathlon Club. We have listed the Grampian Triathlon Clubs that we know about, and provided contact details.


Cycle Coaching

More and more people are realising the benefit of a structured approach to getting bike fit and training. Whether this be for racing, or achieving a particular goal like completing a sportive. Having the knowledge, guidance and motivation of a personal coach can be invaluable in providing this structured approach and helping you achieve your goal. There are coaches spread throughout Grampian that provide services for on and off road cycling. We have a list of the Grampian based Cycle Coaches that we know about, and the services they offer.


Cycle Campaigns & Advocacy

Cycle Campaign and Advocacy groups work to improve conditions for cyclists, not just locally but throughout Scotland. They lobby for cycling across many fronts including the Scottish Government, city councils, the police, other government bodies, and the media and achieve great results. These include cycle lanes, improved cycle parking and even the building of new mountain bike trails. Have a look at the Cycle Campaign groups currently active in Grampian and consider how you can help them to improve the local cycling landscape.


National Cycling Bodies

There are many National Bodies whose work impacts on the north east of Scotland. Some are race orientated, some leasure orientated and some promote all types of cycling. Here is our list of the more prominent National Cycling Bodies.

Bike Shops

For decades, local bike shops have been the lifeblood of cycling in the UK - you simply couldn't get a new bike, jersey or crankset without visiting one, and local bike shops were often the centre of the cycling community. But times change and now it might not seem like you need to support your local bike shop, because generally you'll be able to get absolutely everything you need cheaper when you go online. But what happens when that bike shop you occasionally visit shuts down because web stores have run them out of business? No more emergency inner tubes, and lots more abandoned rides when those inevitable punctures or mechanicals crop up. So we believe you should support your Local Bike Shop, and help it remain on the high street. Here is our directory of Grampian Bike Shops.


Bike Fitting

Bikes come in all sorts of sizes, and a variety of geometries. Add to that the options in stem length, crank length, saddle height and width. Unless your bike is made to measure, how do you know that you have the optimum position for the type of riding you want to do. A bike fit can help you to ride more confortably, avoid injury, make the most of your power output, and better tailor your position to your riding style. We have a list of Bike Fit providers based in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.


Cafes, Coffee Shops & Tea Rooms

A long list of just some of the cafes, coffee shops and tea rooms in Aberdeenshire and Moray who serve great coffee, cake, soups, and sandwiches to the cycling community, and beyond.


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